Summer Traffic @ MAN Airport

Hello guys. Today I visited Manchester Airport, UK to do some spotting, since in summer there is a wider variety of airlines coming in, such as more transatlantic flights. I was there between the hours of 10:00 - 14:50.

N397AN American Airlines Boeing 767-300.

A6-EDI Emirates Airlines Airbus A380-800

Iberia Express Airbus A320-200 “Madrid Embraces You”

Air Transat Airbus A330-200

A7-BAV Boeing 777-300ER

D-AILB Lufthansa A319-100

G-VLIP 747-400 Virgin Atlantic

PH-BCA KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 737-800

B-LXK Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1000


G-RANE Saxonair Bombardier Challenger 605

The reason I have chosen this as Catch of the Day is because this is Lewis Hamilton’s private jet, who happens to be a Formula One World Champion and one of my favourite celebrities.

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram: @EGCC_Sp0tter. There aren’t any pictures on there at the moment but I will post on there soon. ;)

Spotting Location: The Runway Visitor Park WA15 8XQ, Sunbank Lane, Altrincham
Camera: Canon EOS 500D & 18-200mm lense.


Very nice photos - keep up the good work!

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Nice shots!

I tell you what that Challenger is even more beautiful in person, I’ve seen it a fair few times at Farnborough. It’s drop dead gorgeous in that red.

Not jealous of him owning that jet at all😂😒

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Awesome spotting! One day I’ll see if I can go

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