Summer Spotting Sucks @PHX

Love this photo. You also had a nice Gulfstream and what looks to be a sports teams B757

A delta 757 sweetly and swiftly rotating for JFK

My brain is clouded with all that haze…

Now this is what I like to call: a rare livery

Thanks! There were a bunch of other jets too but yes haha

My brain is clouded wondering who asked

Definitely! It has only come through Phoenix a handful of times

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My brain is fogged from trying to figure out why I care

btw this is just a joke, the photos are really good

I wish there was a option for all of them because the photos are breathtaking!

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What camera and zoom lens do you use and how far is your spotting location i’m looking for a good set up for DFW

Thank you!!

I use a canon eos rebel t7 with a 75-300mm zoom lens. I mostly spot from the parking garages here in Phoenix

What distance will that lens go up to

What do you mean

How many feet will it go to get a clear picture

The red markings are my spotting locations

Your first one would take great pictures of arrivals on those 2 runways

Second one would be good departures off of that left runways and decent ones off of the right runway

Third one im not so sure about it

No problem! Keep making these. There always great when there from you!

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Also I have never seen a Prime Air one before!

They fly all over the country!

Weird I have not seen that airlines on a plane yet?

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Good catch, I missed it. Its the Phoenix Coyotes (NHL) plane.


Yeah there’s a gap between Atlantic aviation and Ameristar at Addison It gives you a good view of departures Plus I can also drive down to the end of the runway and get some shots

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