Summer Spotting at Zurich International Airport

Hello Guys,

During the last couple of months, the numbers of plane movements have decreased by a lot. After a long time of silence, the movements are starting to increase again, so I decided to go to the airport. Here are some of my shots from LSZH/ZRH in Switzerland.

Turkish Airlines A330 ZRH-IST

Singapore Airlines A350 ZRH-SIN

British Airways B787 LHR-ZRH

Emirates B777 DXB-ZRH



Air Canada B787 ZRH-YYZ

IcelandAir B757 ZRH-KEF

I hope that you liked the pictures.

Stay safe and healthy.


Nice pictures! That BA 787 😍


thanks. BA usually operates only small planes cause its only a 1hr flight. During COVID, they used to fly the 787 for once instead of E190 or A321. its a nice chance

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Some great pictures! I need to go plane spotting again.

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tell me when you want to go, I might be able as well

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I need to see when I’m next available, but I’ll let you know when I’m free!

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I read “Spotting at Zurich” and was already pay excited. Rightfully so. Some really stunning pictures, especially the Singapore A350 and SWISS A340! Thanks for sharing!

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thanks, glad you liked them

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Wow that 757 is so… long!! Great pictures mate!


yeah, it was the B757-300, a rare view nowadays

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sure, I think the spotting terraces are open again

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Oh, it’s very beautiful. I like it. You’re amazing

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