Summer Season Departures @ EGFF - 071230ZJUL18

Qatar A350-900 at CWL on the 01/05/18 - Photo by Nick Harding.

If you live in the UK, you should know how busy most airports are in the UK right now with holidaymakers seeking sunshine. I also want to give my local airport some love, Cardiff International Airport. And with that, I formally invite you to a fly-out from EGFF (CWL) in one of your favourite airlines or airplanes!
CWL is relatively small so space will be limited! - For a full list of the destinations served at Cardiff, please visit
Server: Training

Airport: EGFF

Time: 1230Z
Gates - Please leave your Airline, Call-Sign, Aircraft and Destination!
Stand 1 - CRJ-900 - “Lufthansa Cityline 2100” departing to Munich International, Germany.
Stand 2 -
Stand 3 -
Stand 4 - C130J - “Ascot 130” doing pattern work.
Stand 5 -
Stand 6 -
Stand 7 -
Stand 7L - B787-8 Dreamliner Qatar Airways - “QR321” departing to Doha Hamad International Airport, Qatar.
Stand 8 - A320-200 easyJet - “Easy 17 38” departing to Palma de Mallorca International Airport, Spain.
Stand 9 -
Stand 10 - A330-300 Lufthansa - “LG630” departing to Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Stand 11 - B767-300 Generic - “WGA1178” departing to Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russia.
Stand 13 -
Stand 14 -
See you there!


Generic (my own airline that I though up in my head of)

Amazing, thank you but we don’t have the 767-200! Only the -300! But see you there!


Is it ok for me to fly in, do some pattern work, then land and refuel. Then afterwards depart to my event.

Sure! What airline, aircraft and call-sign? There is a maintenance area in which you can park or stands 3-5.

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It will be a C130J, callsign “Ascot 130”. I don’t mind what stand any will be ok.

Okay, stand 4! See you there!

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That’s great. Thanks

I Can be ATC (only if nobody else can) otherwise i’ll be in an easy jet 320 to mallorca

I’ll find an ATC but if not, you can :) But great, thank you! What Call-Sign?

Easy 17 38 (I’m always airline then 17 38)

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Amazing, thank you! See you there! Stand 8!

Thanks can’t wait to fly

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Any more want to fly?

Airbus A330-300 Lufthansa AG - “LG630” departing to DXB OMDB Dubai International airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Amazing, thanks! See you there!

Safe stand 1 for me please, CRJ-900, Lufthansa Cityline 2100 departing to Munich

Great, thanks! See you there!

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