Summer Round-Up | 2019 Edition

Hey everyone!

I know, I know, I have been inactive in my spotting topics. During the past summer, I went spotting multiple times all over the Eastern part of the U.S., and only made one spotting topic:

But, as I mentioned, that is not the only place that I went spotting at. So, this topic is to give a nice overview of my best shots from over the past summer.


To start off, here is a picture of a United Express ERJ-175 landing on runway 19 at KDCA. I believe it was operating a flight from Chicago O’Hare (KORD).

This is a close-up of a Delta A321 in the same location as the previous photo, however this aircraft originated in Atlanta (KATL).

This shot is one of my favorites from the summer. After a lengthy takeoff roll from BWI’s runway 28, this Delta MD-88 with registration N971DN departs into the orange summer sky.

A nice greasy landing on runway 33L at BWI, brought to you by a FedEx 767-300F.

This is a beautiful evening touchdown picture of an Atlas Air 747-400, originating from NAS Jacksonville (KNIP).

This is a over-edited KLM 777-200ER approaching KIAD’s runway 19R, with some sizeable clouds creating a dramatic backdrop.

Next up is a Qatar 777-300ER also approaching KIAD, with birds and another aircraft visible in the background.

Another DCA shot, but from a different perspective, this United A319 flares above runway 19, with the Potomac River and buildings from downtown DC in the background.

An American 737-800 rotates in the waning sunlight as it rotates off of 15R at BWI.

And finally, this wingshot I took just yesterday on an extended downwind for runway 33L, at, your guessed it, BWI! The colors of the sunset combined the the inlets of Annapolis make this shots just something else.

You have made it to the end! Thanks so much for looking through. This summer was absolutely fantastic, beginning with the FlightSimExpo, meeting all the cool IF staff/moderators, and ending with some flying around the country.

Hope you enjoyed!

Interested in seeing these shots, and other high quality ones similar? Check out my spotting Instagram!

Also, I did make a JetPhotos account, and I do have some photos up. Hopefully I can get some more in, once I get through that 8 day queue :(


My favorite is definitely got to be the FedEx 😆👍🏽Nice Photos


That Delta MD80 is absolutely amazing! What a beauty of a shot. Well done! 💯


The Fedex is my iPad and computers new background

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Oh heck yes! I love those photos so much! That mad dog sunset shot is breathtaking!

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Great photos? Where did you spot the Qatar 777?


I gotta admit, the Delta Mad Dog has to be one of the greatest photos in aviation


OMG THAT MD-88 picture 😍😍 what an amazing shot, great pictures

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I spotted it at KIAD, from the eastern parking garage.


Thanks @Armani_B, @DeerCrusher, @BadPlane, @Jack_Q, @anon57683537, @Lucas_Piedra, and @EICK_Aviator!
I appreciate all of the kind words!


If only it was an American MD-88

What an unreal shot of the United A319 and the last pic on board the Southwest 737. Really well done!

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Thanks so much man!


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