Summer Heatwave Spotting at LGA // Virtual Spotting XV

Summer Heatwave Spotting

Hello all! Welcome to the 15th edition of my Virtual Spotting series. Credit to @RTG113 for allowing me to do some spotting at his Re-Opening Virtual Borders event. More announcements will be coming soon! Nearly every single callsign and route was altered to make this as realistic as possible. Make sure to look at previous topics and give some recommendations to where I should go next! Enjoy the video and photos!

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Date: 7/14/21
Server: Expert
Location: LaGuardia Airport 🇺🇸 ( KLGA )
Temperature: 94 F
Heat Index: 102 F


I don’t remember what plane I had lol

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U.S. Airways E175 is what you were flying I believe

Great work! Idk which Southwest 737-700 was me in the vid since you changed my route

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Yeah, I’ll try to make things a bit more obivoius and recognizable next time but you were the second SWA 737

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I think I was in the TWA AA738. That right turn after departure, only a select few know to do that. Great video!

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@EpicNYC04 Thank you!