Summer flight plan finalized


Delta 763s on the EWR-AMS leg, KLM E-190s on the AMS-LUX leg.

No I do not anticipate any spotting trips in Europe.



Will you have time to squeeze in a quick trip to the Schiphol store?

I have a little over an hour going in on AMS and I forget how long the layover is going back to the USA but the total flight time was signifiacntly longer so I assume I have more than 1 hr.

If the store is on property, accepts USD, and I have time, then maybe I’ll go. But honestly, I’d rather check out the AMS observation deck and KLM Fokker 100 on the roof.

Note to all: I will get photos of planes but I have no plans to camp out by a fence and watch planes land and takeoff. If I have time, I will be photographing from the terminal windows at LUX and AMS, possibly the AMS observation deck, and out the windows of aircraft at EWR.

Absolutely no spotting from the terminal at EWR.


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