Summer camp

Hey, I’m looking for a good aviation camp in Texas. I have been to the one in Dallas for American Airlines and I’m looking at Ace camps for piloting. Please leave suggestions and references (ie websites, information, articles, etc.) Thanks a bunch.

Have you looked into the EAA?

where is that

The EAA is based in Wisconsin but they have groups all over the United States.

Southwest has one at the end of June. I was there last year and it was fun.

Ok, what city is that in
@RotorGuy, it looks fun, I’ll do some more research

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They’re a good group I highly recommend it, plus you maybe able attend Oshkosh!

Do you know anything about Ace camps @RotorGuy or @Altaria55

I don’t sorry

Dallas. At their headquarters. I think you have to have a parent work for SWA though.

Ok, cool, i have grandparents in dallas

Do they work for SWA?

No, no one in my families even is interested in aviation.

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