Summer 2022 Trip to Noumea - Return: Noumea to St. Louis Pt. 2

Hello folks, this is part two of my return trip heading back to St. Louis. Like I mentioned yesterday, I flew American Airlines Flight 513 from Los Angeles to St. Louis ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ that was delayed for 1hr 8mins. Once I arrived back to St. Louis, KSTL airport had 3D buildings in which I was so hyped for. I expected to see this in 22.5 and when I looked for the KS airport, there it is KSTL. My hometown airport, I was born in St. Louis. Anyways, I had a wonderful time in Noumea and Port Vila and now, it is time to post these wonderful shots regarding this last and final leg of the trip. I hope you enjoy them.

Final Flight: American Airlines Flight 513 - Los Angeles to St. Louis ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Origin: Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)
Destination: St. Louis Lambert Intโ€™l Airport (KSTL)
Flight Time: 3hrs 38mins
Server: Expert

As we explored downtown Los Angeles, it was time to head back to the airport as we make our way to TBIT Gate 153 as our flight was delayed for an hour. Here goes our aircraft as the ground crew prepare the aircraft before we start boarding

One hour and eight minutes later, we are on our way taxiing down for RWY 25R for takeoff

As we hop on the runway, we start lining up RWY 25R to start our takeoff roll

Annndddd, BLAST OFF as we are airborne heading back to St. Louis. Goodbye Los Angeles ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Climbing out of Los Angeles we bank to our left 210 degrees counterclockwise as we head northeast, you can see that we are flying over Los Angeles Beach.

As it gets dark, we are cruising at FL350 over Telluride Colorado ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ as Biscoff Cookies and choice of beverages were served by the flight attendants. After our snacking, we slept on the plane before we woke up in time for our descent to St. Louis

Moments later, we are getting near St. Louis airport as we are on our descent phase below 10,000 FT, preparing for landing in St. Louis. We are almost home and we are tired, ready to go to bed once we get home.

Here we go on short final RWY 30R before touch down to STL airport with 3D buildings that I was so hyped for.

And there we go as we just landed back in St. Louis. We are now crossing RWY 30L before taxiing to our gate. We are back in St. Louis man after a month in Noumea

Here we go as we arrived so late it was almost 1:00 AM. Our flight was supposed to leave Los Angeles at 6:00 PM PDT but was delayed til 7:05 PM which was 1hr 5mins but departed 6mins later. This is Gate C24 we have arrived at and here go our aircraft that we flew back to St. Louis on. Once again, we made it back home and it is time to proceed to baggage claim to get our baggage and head home.

And there we have it, that completes our entire Summer 2022 Trip to Noumea and Port Vila. We had a wonderful time and we hope we go to Noumea again next time. Maybe weโ€™ll go either on Spring Break next year or on Christmas depending on the price. We enjoyed flying on Aircalin A330-900neo since it was a beautiful quiet engine aircraft plus flying over the ocean to get to Noumea. Plus Air Vanuatu, an amazing airline we enjoyed flying, going to Port Vila. Things were nearby to where we didnโ€™t have to go long distance to get to places. Maybe next time, weโ€™ll travel there again. Alrighty folks as I wrap up this trip report, I would like to thank you for exploring my virtual trip and I will be posting more next time I virtually travel. Have a blessed day and be safe Infinite Flight community.


Hey Mate! I have been following along with this trip since you did the first leg of it! I really like the virtual trip! Cheers, Rye :)

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Lol the biscoff cookies was a great touch to the trip report

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Thank you so much. Iโ€™m glad you liked it. @ybtl.aviation

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Yep sure is @Superdogs

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STL is where I fell in love with aviation as a kid and Iโ€™m so glad it went 3D in the latest update.

I know right, my hometown KSTL St. Louis. I have flown there a lot from Miami and also, used to live in St. Louis with my mom when I was seven years old

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