Summer 2022 Trip to Noumea - Outbound: St. Louis to Noumea Pt. 1

Hello folks, I am posting the first part of my virtual summer trip going from St. Louis to Noumea via Los Angeles and Sydney. The first part of my shots regarding this trip is leg one and leg two. On leg one, I expected to post shots regarding American Airlines flight 2936 going from St. Louis to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed until 10:30 PM, then 9:00 AM, and then 1:45 PM the next day. It was Saturday of when I was taking this flight that was supposed to leave at 6:50 PM CDT. Then I made my decision to fly on Southwest Airlines taking me to Los Angeles that was leaving at 8:30 AM CDT and getting me there by 10:20 AM PDT. The flight actually left at 8:52 AM from St. Louis and arrived to L.A. at 10:40 AM. This decision was made just in case American Airlines flight 2936 was gonna be canceled for Saturday’s flight and then Sunday’s flight being delayed later, getting me there to L.A. too late where I would’ve missed the Qantas Flight 12 flight to Sydney. Therefore, I got to Los Angeles and spent plenty of time until it was time to start catching our Qantas Flight 12 flight to Sydney and now made it to Sydney safely. Anyways, here goes the shots.

First Flight: Southwest Airlines Flight 203 - St. Louis to Los Angeles 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Destination: Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)
Flight Time: 3hrs 50mins
Server: Expert

Here we are at Terminal 2 Gate E34 with the new GSE equipments getting the plane prepared for us to board for our departure out of St. Louis. The best 22.4 update ever. Looks like we are boarding the aircraft using the stairs instead of going through the jet ridge until St. Louis airport have 3D buildings. Anyways, ready to get out of here after being stuck in St. Louis overnight due to that American 2936 delay as I mentioned earlier, being put on Southwest Airlines.

Thank the lord we have departed St. Louis and have taken off RWY 12L. So off we go heading to Los Angeles. BYE BYE St. Louis.

Here we are cruising over Colorado at FL380, being served pretzels and a choice of beverages by the flight attendants. I chose sprite as always and had some of my cookies that I have packed for this huge trip to Noumea.

Two hours later, we are about a few feets before we touchdown LAX airport RWY 24R. See, if this AA flight 2936 would’ve left on time on Saturday, we would’ve been on final at night for LAX. It’s okay now that we are about to land in Los Angeles.

And here we are in Los Angeles as we arrived to Gate 12A. Hello Los Angeles California.

And there we have it. We are here in Los Angeles. It is time to deplane the aircraft and start heading to baggage claim and claim our baggage anyhow and get us a ride to In-N-Out Burgers near the airport to eat and plane spot. After that we can drive around and explore LA a bit before heading back to the airport to catch our flight down to Sydney.

Alright folks, here goes the shots of our second flight after some sightseeing in Los Angeles.

Second Flight: Qantas Airways Flight 12 - 🇺🇸 Los Angeles to Sydney 🇦🇺
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Origin: Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)
Destination: Sydney Kingsford Int’l Airport (YSSY)
Flight Time: 15hrs
Server: Expert

Good evening folks, welcome to the TBIT Gate 150 as we prepare to board this long haul flight out of LA heading to Sydney on Qantas Flight 12. Let’s go!

Departed and took off RWY 25R from LAX airport and now airborne to Sydney Australia. Goodbye LA USA 🇺🇸

Six hours later, we are cruising over the Pacific Ocean at FL380 as we have flown past Hawaii 🇺🇸 northeast of us. As you may know, all of us are sleeping throughout this long long flight. The flight attendants served us dinner. The food choice was either Barramundi with black vinegar, bamboo shoot and jasmine rice or Beef wagyu with misa mushroom rice and pickle vegetables. Also got a choice of beverages and again, chose sprite. Then closer to Sydney like an hour away from Sydney airport, we were served breakfast which was turkey sausage link with scrambled eggs, ham, hash browns, muffin, plus a Greek yogurt, granola, and orange juice. Then we had a pre landing snack which was a granola bar and that’s it. Nothing to drink but just a granola bar. Wow man, just wow. But okay as we get fed before landing in Sydney.

And here we go as we are on short final RWY 34L before we touchdown Sydney Airport. Look at them runway lights as we land at dawn, just minutes before sunrise and it’s a Tuesday morning bro.

And we have arrived to Sydney Kingsford Terminal 1 Gate 37. Welcome to Sydney Australia folks. Hello Australia 🇦🇺.

And there we have it folks. We made it to the first part of the trip as we head to the passport inspection and then through the security checkpoint to go to our next gate for our final leg to Noumea. Ready to go to Noumea? Here goes our last part coming up tomorrow. Anyways, have a beautiful night and be safe Infinite Flight community.


Lovely shots! Interesting to choose a virtual trip lol.

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Thanks @Adventures


Nice nice nice
Thank you for sharing these pictures
Great adventure

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Thanks @Carlos_J. I’m about to post the second part of these shots later on today

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I just like how you have these virtual trips! Sounds like they are a lot of fun! Great pictures :)

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Thank you so much @AviatorRyan. I’m posting the second part of this trip. So yeah

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for a whole minute i thought the first pic of the 787 was real

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nice photo, so many connect flight lol

Yeah, because it was dark and was a late night flight going from Los Angeles to Sydney but then at dawn arrival, it was Infinite Flight 787