Summer 2021 Spotting Review

Hello Everybody

We are back with a spotting topic that is filled with some of my favorite shots from the summer. This summer was very busy for me. Lots of baseball and traveling. I only got out to spot like 3 times this summer. But nonetheless, it was a very good summer.

Denver June 5th

For our 1st picture we have a United 777-200ER climbing out of Denver heading to Hawaii

Next we have a United 767-300 rotating off of runway 25 heading out to Hawaii aswell

Next up is a United 767-300 with a very early rotation out of Denver to guess where?? Hawaii (shocker I know)

Next up we have a southwest 737-700 in the canyon blue livery heading out west with the terminal in the background.

Las Vegas June 6-9

These next three shots were taken from our hotel balcony on the strip at full zoom and a very heavy crop so the quality isn’t as good as the others.

Next up we have an American A321 on short final for 19L at Las vegas

Then we have a southwest 737-800 on short final for 19R at Vegas

Finally we have a Janet 737-600 on short final for 19R at Vegas arriving from some random place in Nevada.

Denver August 5th

Finally we’re back at Denver for a very hazy spotting session.

Here we have a United 737 MAX9 on short final for 16R arriving from BWI

Next we have a golden United 737-800 on short final for 16R

Finally, One of two International airlines to recently resume international service to Denver. Here is an Icelandair 757-200 arriving from Keflavík International Airport.

Camera Body: Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm & Canon 18-55mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop


Thanks for stopping by! Hope y’all enjoyed.


That plane belongs to the USAF.

Yes, and it’s called Janet Airlines.

The fleet’s “Janet” call sign is said to stand for “Just Another Non-Existent Terminal”, “Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation”, or a combination of two acronyms JAN (Joint Army Navy) & ET (Extra Terrestrial).


I don’t see the plane, I just see a Las Vegas background

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John Cena is the pilot 😉

All jokes aside, amazing pics! I was not expecting any less from you!

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Basically it flies the guys who go probe the aliens at Area 51.

missed oppurtiny by United to put 2020 on the wheel

Area 51 noises

The Janet 737, is from Area 51 lol, they turn the tracker on once they’re a good distance away from Area 51, they use those 737s so the people that work at Area 51 don’t have to live there and so they don’t have to drive 6 hours every day to go to work

Do you use auto focus mode or do you manually focus and adjust the settings

They don’t always come and go to Area 51. They fly to several airports that serve the same purpose, such as China Lake and the Tonopah Test Range.

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Auto focus for aviation photography and other stuff.

I really love this detail! Awesome shot!

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