[Summary] Spoilers

Spoilers are a less-known aspect of flight, but are very useful! Almost every plane has them!


Spoilers are used to help an aircraft slow down. They are located on the top of a plane’s wing, end extend upward, creating drag. Not all planes have them, though. Small planes, such as the Cessna 172 don’t have them.


Similar to the flaps, you must hold down the SPOILERS button until you see the options. The button is located to the right of your screen. There should be 3 options: OFF, FLIGHT and ARMED. OFF means that the spoilers are off. FLIGHT means they are extended mildly in mid flight. ARMED means that the spoilers are off, but will deploy at full once you touch the ground. To select these options, scroll you finger up or down until your option is highlighted, then release.

Appropriate operation times

The spoilers should be OFF until you start to descent to your destination airport. Extend them to FLIGHT if your speed increases too drastically during your descent. If under 10,000 ft and you no longer need the spoilers, set them to OFF. If they need to be flight until touch down, set them to armed right after both your wheels touch down. Then, once you’re at parking, set the spoilers to OFF

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I will add something. If you are flying A318, A319, A320, A320 planes, it’s better to set spoilers to armed position right after all your gears (including the front gear) touched the ground. It will make your landing smoother.


Thanks for the information!


This is a great tip, nose wheel will slam down if you arm spoilers before touching down.


I will edit the post to add that.

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Small planes = no spoilers isn’t necessarily correct. All gliders have spoilers and most gliders have no flaps, meaning it’s the complete opposite from the C172, which has flaps but no spoilers.

In a piston aircraft/commercial jet spoilers are used to decrease speed by increasing the drag or to prevent the aircraft from „jumping“ off the runway after touchdown. A glider uses it’s spoilers to control the vertical speed and the airspeed during short final.

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