Summary - Global Airports Completed

I’m confused is every Airport on this or is it only major airports

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Hmm what is confusing about the header in every column? General Aviation of course is small airports which support… General Aviation. Domestic of course is domestic airports. Err International is International airports. Ah sorry for the confusion. A380 is airports which support … Oh A380 aircraft.

Hope that clears up the confusion.


Oh sorry I made that comment before the image loaded

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May I ask, are Pakistan airports complete as well. ??

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Airports completed in TOTAL.

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Global means Global


Wait, are you kidding or telling the truth?


Are they on the list? Nope.
The x-plane files will still be in global.

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Well the other 40 000 will be x-plane files.

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X-Plane, seriously? OK, so I don’t know what their quality is. How is their quality?

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It is pretty good😏😏😉

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It all depends on the airport, sometimes it can be crap.

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All the airports will be added :) edited or not edited.


1 step closer to global!!!

Why is there so much confusion?? Anyways, great work IFAE!

Would you look at that, USA for the win!

I can’t wait to fly SFO to DEL. I take this route every year haha

Why does it say domestic for Albania? Btw great job completing these airports and I cant wait to fly from Gatwick to Tirana

Some Jordanian Airports are missing (Aqaba Intl, Amman Civil) and OJAI Supports A380 (Emirates flew A380 to Amman)

How many airports are left to do? Great work IFAE! You guys are awesome!