I’ve never read the book but I am HIGHLY motivated to do so. And let me tell you the movie is absolutely worth seeing. Every second of it was done extremely well

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WAIT… theres a book !!!

Yep, it was called something else but they changed the title

I am seeing it today, hope it is good!

You’re gonna love it. Everything is so well done, from the way the story is told, to the aircraft themselves. However, my one issue is that the Continental 737s have split scimitars instead of the plain old winglet :/


i know right, the media doesn’t get aviation right most times. :P


Rip, I gotta wait till December. 😥

I saw it… Good movie

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Sully, Sausage Party, Suicide Squad. The 3 movies I need to watch rn!

it was called “higest duty”

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