Just went and saw the movie Sully. It was really well put together and really made them you nervous even though you knew that everyone else survived. Like if you have seen it! (It came out today)


I haven’t seen it yet but I’m hoping to soon.


You should!:)


You should read the book before you watch the movie. it was first published as highest duty, but now its published with the movie: Sully

I live in the UK and have to wait until December 8th before it’s out in my local cinema! 😡😡

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I can’t see it till Tuesday ;(

I live in a small island, meaning that there is only one movie theater, a small one, I don’t know when its gonna come out here honestly… I hope it comes out soon thought

I felt so humbled when I watched the movie. It was the most awe striking event. They showed clips of the real captain and I just wanted to thank him and cry. He saved 155 souls and trounced the doubters. He landed and made the right choice in a split second. That man is so incredible. Words cannot express further what he has done.
Thank you Captain of Cactus flight 1549

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So in the European Union, you have to wait until Decemeber 8th! Wow!

I just saw it. Truly inspired by it.

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Sorry but there is already a topic for the movie sully

Actually that’s the movie trailer. This is the actually movie. Please check before posting


Sully it’s not on theaters here!!!
I guess I’m just going to cry forever

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The movies was so amazing, everything from the drama, to the detail. It was simply amazing, one flaw. Does an A320 wing really flex that much?..

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All planes wings flex and I don’t think that the motions it underwent were normal, but the plane could have still handled it. @DiamondFlight1011

I know all wings flex, but I’m asking if they do really flex that much, Airbus wings are more rigid compared to Boeing wings.

I know you do I’m sorry. I’m saying that they don’t normally do that, but due to the situation they might be able to handle the forces on ten wings.

Sorry on the wings @DiamondFlight1011

The ATC recordings from flight 1549 are readily available on the Internet for you to listen to. I haven’t seen the film yet, but they would have had to embellish a bit there. Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s announcement to ATC that he was going in to the Hudson, was like he was about to dip his toes into a warm swimming pool. Man has metal

i’m gonna see it on the weekend. it looks like a really good movie!

have any of you read the book