Sukhoi superjet?

Any plans to bring the Sukhoi superjet

Not currently. if you would like to make a request, make sure to put it under the #features category so people can vote on it :)

I can’t I need to be level 2 ;(

Hmm, maybe a mod can help you out. Looks like a cool plane!

Where do I need to propose the ideas ?

You would just need to put them under the #features category, however as you said I think you need to be TL2 to access it. I’m sure a mod or staff member will stop by and be happy to change it for you. When it is changed to that category it will allow other users to vote on it and potentially have it added. Just like this one 👇

(Although it hasn’t happened ;)

I can make one 🙂

Hey there! Looks like there’s a superjet feature request made already!

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