Sukhoi/su family?

Infinite Flight, I’m just wondering would it be possible to add the sukhoi family or just some Russian fighters/bombers? Just asking


Add on to my first one, one or two for free (not by purchasing other planes for free for real not like 747 Sophia)

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Apologies if this falls under one of the threads already here; close or move this as you see fit. I wanted to post this in a separate thread, so if people put a ‘like’ to the original post, it’d be possible to get some indication of the overall popularity of this idea within the community.

Back on topic, though - it would be great to see this classic fighter in Infinite Flight. Excellent flight performance (great for aerobatics), plenty of livery options, and some more diversity of countries of origin within the app.

I’d say the following would be of particular interest:

  • Su-27 (regular military livery and the Russian Knights livery) and/or
  • Su-35 (similar airframe to the baseline model, but adds thrust vectoring, glass cockpit etc)
  • Su-37 (same as -35, test model, but with canards and extra manoeuvrability).
  • Su-30 (adds another two-seat combat aircraft alongside the F-14)

To illustrate, - imagine being able to do this in the app:

Once again, apologies if this falls under some other thread in feature suggestions already. I understand as well as anyone that it takes a long time to create new planes and that there are lots of other features that demand attention, however it’d be great to know that this would at least be considered.



Keep your responses relevant please. Thanks.

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Upping this.

We definitely need one Russian fighter. Su-27/30/35 are basically one airframe as for aerodynamics which are unique( allow 0 airspeed trick), but completely different as for fighting systems.
A lot of liveries(countries), and few liveries of Air Acrobatics clubs.

The Only countries that dont buy them are the USA or USA’s "little friends(EU,Japan,Canada,etc)- because you know why.

Perhaps base the liveries on LOMAC? Su-27 is sexy :D

1 Feature per request please.