Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E

Hey there Infinite Flight Community! I’d like to request a foreign military combat aircraft, the Su-35 Flanker-E multimission fighter.

It is the latest variant of the venerable Su-27 Flanker series of fighters that are in service with Russia and other Eastern Bloc nations.

It’s large, it’s powerful, and best of all, it’s supermaneuverable!


Just think about it before casually disregarding it in favor of an airliner or a new livery. Russian players would get a military aircraft from their country, and players worldwide would get to fly one of the biggest threats to US air power in terms of range, maneuverability, and speed in some cases.


That’s a cool looking plane! I always wondered why they put camouflage on these fighters, it’s not like their going to be camouflaged…lol

Camo is ideal for low level flying, you blend in easier with the terrain, making you harder to see from enemies above. However, plain grey has been effective in reducing the visibility. I like Canada’s camo where they paint a fake canopy underneath, it has a practical purpose of confusing enemies in a dogfight which way the aircraft is oriented.


Thanks, I feel as though it’d be a great addition to IF considering it has the range of some airliners on internal tanks alone.


Ugh, this or the SU-37 Terminator would be awesome

Strongly agree, it’d be nice to see a mix of Eastern and Western Bloc military aircraft in Infinite Flight!

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MiG-29’s, Typhoon’s, and maybe some Rafael’s would be really cool to fly around. And if the Sukhoi’s could have the Cobra Manuever be a possible addition that would be insane

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L-39 would be an awesome trainer/race jet too. The thing I love about Russian jets is how simple and durable they are. Literally the L-39 engine start up in one press of a button

BAE Hawk, T-38, L-39, any of those trainers would be a good addition as well! However I strongly feel that the Flanker should be the next military aircraft to be ADDED (I’d love for an F/A-18C rework or any of the other military fighter jets) due to its incredible range when flying on internal tanks alone, it flew from Moscow to Gloucestershire if I remember correctly for RIAT with no mid air refueling. Global flights would be a blast in this thing.

Good livery. It looks like a very cute plane

Darn likes limit. I love this plane. :-)

Hopefully, with enough support for this beauty we can see a Flanker in game by the end of the year!

It’s cute? It looks sleek and deadly to me, lol

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Would be great for escorting and intercepting:)

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If only we had weapons, however I personally want this beast for the range and incredible maneuverability it has!

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So I was thinking, after I noticed you mentioned the F/A-18C rework. Would it be possible to simply implement the SU-27 into the game. And instead of adding different variations of basically the same plane, just change the way it looks as a livery. Example: buy the SU-27, and in a addition to have different livery schemes, having an SU-34 as a selection (as the canards would be the biggest difference I’d imagine). Same for the F/A-18. Have a livery that basically makes the plane look like an F/A-18E Super Hornet instead of putting a whole new plane into the game? Idk just a thought

You COULD, but it’d be just that. A livery.

There are key structural changes/flight model differences between the Flanker and Flanker-E-thrust vectoring coming to mind immidiately along with an entirely updated cockpit and newer engines-as with the Hornet and Super Hornet-one is older with older tech, older engines, etc, while the Super Hornet is bigger and better in pretty much every way.

Things like the C-130 are rare, multiple types of essentially the same aircraft that is. They easily could have balled the AC-130 and C-130H together, however doing so for fighters with such massive differences would be a bad idea. Especially if you go from Flanker to Fullback (Su-34).

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Would be interesting to see!

Yes it would, hopefully we’ll be seeing it in Infinite Flight!

I never knew that about Canadian fighters! I’m guessing they do this on the C/A-18?

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