Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback

Hey there,
Once again I want to request another fighter aircraft. It’s the Su 34 Fullback, my favourite russian fighter. The whole aircraft is layed out for extreme long missions, featuring seats next to each other instead of in line to make the pilots more comfortable, it features even a kitchen and a toilet. No idea how the toilet works when the aircraft is upside down, but that is not my problem ;)
Anyway, lets see if we can get some votes, we definitely lack of Russian aircraft, and this beauty clearly should be able to get some attention :

source :

I know you like it, vote vote vote ! :D


Awesome request, more Sukhois are always welcome!


Fairly sure you aren’t supposed to be 💩 While you’re in combat. Anyway, I would still love to see it on IF!


You’re probably right, but still being able to pan around and seeing the huge cabin behind would be a thing. This aircraft is not exactly small.

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I don’t really like these Sukhois, they look fast but not very sleek at the same time. The paint makes it look a bit rusty or something. And I don’t like all the sharp edges.

How people think Boeings look nicer than any Russian civil or military plane still baffles me.

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ah, and a F22/F35 does not look fast and sleek and does not have sharp edges ?

cdt :

Not sure if you know how stealth design works … nevermind.

Good Idea! This should be a fun one!

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I agrew, I really only like the 787, it’s not a bandwagon thing just with the flex wings and all its about the best idea and concept I feel Boeing has put out. Now the Flanker is that the same pland shot down over Syria last summer when the pilots were killed by Daesh scum?

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A little reminder : You now have to vote for aircraft in order to get some interest towards the devs, so if you guys are still interested in the aircraft, please vote :)

that’ll be a vote from me!

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