Sukhoi 27/Su-27 Nato codename (Flanker)

Ive seen a mentions of this aircraft so I thought would take a shot in the dark and post it as an offical feature request. Just some background on the SU-27, this is a fourth gen fighter/interceptor produced at the time to counter the U.S. F-15. Since its orginal design the SU-27 has seen major updates in models and avionics such as flight controls and radar enhancements. Used by a variety of international air forces the Su-27 has become a backbone for many countries that include the republic of veitnam, Indonesia, Eritrea and Mongolia just to name a few. Now that we have established history lets examine specs.

Crew: 1
Engines: 2 * 12500 kg Lyulka AL-31F
Wing Span: 14.70 m
Wing area: 62 m2
Wing Aspect Ratio: 3.5
Length: 21.93 m
Height: 5.93 m
Empty Weight: 22500 kg / 17000 kg
Max.Weight: 30000 kg
Internal Fuel Weight: 5,600 kg

G-limits: 9/-3.5
Speed: Mach 2.35
Ceiling: 18000 m
Ferry Range: 4,400 km
Combat Radius: 1,200 km
Maximum instantaneous turn rate: 28 degrees/second
Maximum sustained turn rate: 22.5 degrees/second
TWR(50% fuel, 2 EM A2A missile, 2 IR A2A missile): ~1.23
TWR(100% fuel, 2 EM A2A missile, 2 IR A2A missile): ~1.07:1
Armament: 1*g

Performance specs as well as specs listed above can be found at:

Su-27P variant

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Nice aircraft, I would also love to see the SU-30 (Flanker-H) variant.


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This is nice one, produced in upper hundreds and exported to numerous staats.
It is also well known for a spectacular manoeuvre thePugachev Cobra.

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I’d love to see more Thrust-Vector fighters in the game. I love doing stunts! 👍🏻😁

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You could always remove a vote to give a vote :)

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We definitely need more fighters in Infinite Flight.
It would be nice to have the SU-27 and maybe even the MiG-29 or MiG-31. We don’t have any Russian aircraft in the sim, commercial or military.

Would be interesting to get to fly an Antonov transport or MiG fighter and see the difference vs the western counterparts.

You have my vote!

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Agreed there is more to life then just Boeing or Airbus ;) lol

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I need more things that do Cobras…

I think this plane deserves a bit more love :)
I would really like to see it in IF ! It would be the first Russian fighter ✈️
@MishaCamp you‘re currently in Russia :) Tell us if you‘ve already seen it


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This aircraft is one of the most successful military aircraft in the history of aviation. And it would be a great addition to Infinite Flight. With its super maneuverability and aggressive look, it would be a match for Infinite Flight’s other F-22 and F-14 aircraft.
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The Sukhoi Su-27 (Code NATO Flanker) is a Russian single-seat fighter designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau (SDB) led by engineer Mikhail Simonov and its historic leader Pavel Sukhoi. It has given rise to numerous variants, some of which have been redesignated: Su-30, Su-33, Su-35, Su-37.

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You convinced me! you got my vote 💪


This aircraft must be in the Sim !