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Suisse Virtual

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Who we are…

SUISSE Virtual is a Virtual Airline, inspired by SWISS, and has the goal of bringing unparalleled excellence to the Infinite Flight Community, whilst still maintaining the incredibly exciting and joyous aspects of a Virtual Airline Membership.

Everything we do is done with the utmost quality; a perfect representation of the excellence shown by the real-life Swiss Air Lines, and of Swiss design in general.

Our team is made up of dedicated staff who bring substantial experience in VA development and operations; thus allowing our pilots to reach new heights and experience a real-world airline through our immersive Crew Centre and interact with fellow pilots and staff through our Discord channel. We use real-life routes for Swiss and Edelweiss which contribute to our diverse route network.


Our Fleet

SUISSE Virtual operates out of Zurich (LSZH) and Geneva (LSGG) with Swiss and Edelweiss routes to Europe, Africa / Middle East, Far East, North America, South America and the Caribbean

With a diverse modern fleet for our pilots to enjoy we have an exciting mixture of flights and destinations.

Our Fleet
Aircraft Livery Routes
A223 Swiss Short and Medium
A319 Swiss Short
A320 Edelweiss Short
A321 Swiss Short and Medium
A333 Swiss + Edelweiss Medium and Long
B77W Swiss Long and Ultra Long
MD11 Swiss Long


Our Team

Role Name
Vice President @Antoine_Turrian
Flight Operations Manager @SunDown
Technical Support Manager @CPTWilliam
Events Manager Recruiting


Our Codeshare Partners

At SUISSE Virtual, we pride ourselves in having already established codeshare routes with some of Infinite Flights leading and well known Virtual Airlines, offering even more variety and choice

Codeshare list

Currently Updating…


Become a SUISSE Virtual Pilot

Pilots applying to join SUISSE Virtual are required to complete an application before joining. We operate on strong pilot expertise, so our minimum pilot requirements are relatively strict. Please review our entry requirements prior to application.

You can apply to join us via our SUIVA Website

Our Entry Requirements
  • You must be aged 15 or above.
  • You must be Grade 3 or above on Infinite Flight.
  • You must have an active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription or are expecting to get one promptly.
  • You must be in good standing with the IFVARB and IFC (Not be on the IFVARB Blacklist and have no prior suspensions from the IFC. Exceptions may be made on very rare occasions.
  • You must be able to fly and log at least 1 flight per month.


Ohh, a brand new thread for the VA 😍

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Just letting you guys know, on the Home Page you can’t press the links for the different pages (the buttons in top right). They just don’t work. On the application page though they work.

Such a beautiful thread love the addition of the Airport map at the top

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Awesome 🇨🇭


Thanks for the input ! We will definitely have a look at it 😊

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Egyptair Virtual and our pilots are very happy to have a codeshare agreement with Suisse Virtual !

We hope for the best to Suisse Virtual !

Route Management Team | Egyptair Virtual


Can’t wait to see more people in the SUIVA

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Bump! I love suisse! Perhaps we can work together in the future as codeshare partners with Pan Am!

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Love to see the new thread.


J’adore la SUIVA!

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Happy to read it ! We are waiting on your application ;)


We are waiting on your applications guys ! Let’s represent Swiss around the world !!!