Suitable Wi-Fi Speed for IF?

Hey everyone, hope y’all are doing well!

I’m currently in a vacation in the Philippines and was planning on playing IF while I’m here. However, knowing that internet speed isn’t that great in here, I’m worried that I won’t be able to enjoy Live multiplayer as well as maintaining my Grade level as I won’t be back in Canada until Aug. 27.

For reference, here is my current internet speed.

I haven’t tested playing IF at this speed but I was hoping I would get some answers here before testing it.

Would this still be an acceptable internet speed to play IF Live?

I’d think it could probably handle Solo, but I’m not so sure about any of the Multiplayer Servers.

I’d stay clear of super busy airports, if I were you.

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I don’t really plan on playing IF in solo as I don’t really enjoy the sim that much.

And yeah, even on high speed internet I still experience a lot of lags and drop of FPS.

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I quickly switched to my 4G to test this out. These were speeds I got. (Yes, terrible speeds)

And, the expert server loaded in at todays hub completely fine. Based off of this, I’d say you’ll be fine flying with that network.

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Speeds are not the important part of multiplayer gaming in general.
That’s only relevant for content downloading (in our case - scenery & aircraft primarily).
Some things may for obvious reasons take a little more time if your speed is low, but everything else should be fine.

What you should be looking at it “Ping” (also known as latency) and jitter.
If the Ping value goes three digits, I would start worrying. Jitter should always be as low as possible since a high jitter value indicates some sort of instability/weakness in the network. But as long as that one is considerably lower than ping, it should be OK.

So all should be fine for you :)


That’s great to hear! Hope it would be the same case in my end.


This is a very helpful information!

Thank you for your help!