Suhas' Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Howdy folks, my name is Suhas. I’m an IFATC Specialist currently in the Radar Training process, and I received approval from my trainer to create a radar tracking thread for some extra practice in between training sessions. It’d be awesome if some of you could stop by whenever you’re available! Read more below.

Radar Pattern Etiquette

  • Follow all vectors/instructions.
  • Keep an eye out for runway/approach usage, which I will post here each time I open.
  • Downwind is typically flown at 200-220 IAS.
  • Base is typically flown at 180-200 IAS.

Approach Types

Feedback/What to report

  • Terrain bust: If there is less than 1000 feet AGL of separation between your aircraft and terrain below.
  • Separation bust: If there is less than 3NM of horizontal spacing and 1000 feet of vertical spacing between your aircraft and another aircraft in the airspace.
  • Incorrect Intercepts: If you receive an intercept that is inefficient, or improper as opposed to a standard 30 degree intercept.

Current Status:

Status: Now closed. Thanks all!

Ping List


See you in the skies! If you’d like to be added to a ping list, do let me know. Thanks all!


I want ping list. Please and thank you. Always enjoy making fun of your controlling. 🥺❤️

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I’ll drop by!

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Everything was ok for me. The only thing is that my visual pattern could be at 3000ft.

That bust with N2773V won’t count since it was flying professionally bad.

Great job!

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Kahului Approach is now closed. Thanks to all who came!


Great job, all good from my side! Feel free to add me to your pinglist.

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YSCB Approach is now open! @StefH @Captain_Cign


Hey, Suhas. I’m coming now and do you mind tagging me the next time you open? :)

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For ILS I’d bump the DW up to 6k then descend 5k for base. Just so you can throw a VIS or MA under the aircraft on downwind with vert separation

170 kt speed restriction was unnecessary. If you wanted me to slow down for intercept (which I was going to do anyways), then give 200 or 180, 170 is unnecessarily slow.


Nice job fixing your issue with the VIS by sending us up to 4k this time.
Thanks for the service!

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Feedback: JA-2308
[Local | ILS | 35]

[05:19:04] - Great initial vectors of 130 and 5000ft. I would’ve preferred 6000ft so that you could have the VIS and RV at 5000ft next time.
[05:21:35] - Perfect timing on turning me right heading 170 for my downwind. Downwind width was 7nm which was a perfect downwind width for an ILS Approach.
[05:26:53] - Perfect timing on my intercept, 320 and 5000ft!

[Local | VIS | 35]

[05:32:32] - Great initial vectors of 140 and 5000ft.
[05:35:03] - You could’ve turned me a bit earlier for my downwind, 170.
[05:35:50] - Love the expedited base turn, 260 and 4000ft.

[Local | RV]

[05:40:39] - Great initial vectors of 140 and 5000ft.
[05:43:27] - Perfect timing again on turning me right heading 170 for my downwind. Downwind width was 6nm which was very good for an RV.
[05:44:16] - I liked how you treated me as a VIS Approach and expedited my base turn, 260 and 4000ft.

Thanks for having me, Suhas you did a great job overall and please tag me the next time you open. :)


Thanks for coming Andy! Will do.

Yes, I forgot to correct this in my plan and this slipped my mind. By the time I’d realized, I’d already sent most folks to 5K and decided to just stick with it. Noted for next time!

The reason I attempted to slow you down was so that I could fit Lester in on that short Visual there. I wanted to make sure you two would have proper spacing, but perhaps I was a little premature.

Thanks again for coming out, Andy! I’ve noted your feedback. See you next time.


Thanks, Suhas see you on your next one!

No worries, thanks again for having me. :)

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That wasn’t necessary then.

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Tag me tomorrow and I can maybe hop on :) I might be controlling as well on my tracking thread so not sure yet. However, I will try!

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Canberra approach is now closed. Thanks all who came!


Now open at KGJT! @Captain_Cign @Andy @StefH @AviatorMan @LordWizrak


Good job, I was the Grade 2 SPIDER


I was open at an airport as well, so I did not see it sorry. I will be there next time though! I have to go to bed right now since it is 2:30am. Damn I wish I was there! I’ll try to make it next time.

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KGJT Approach is now closed. Thanks all who came! 🕷 🟡💧

No worries, I’ll catch ya next time. 🙂