Suggestive Idea idk if it is ok

Hello people at devs and the programmers of this online community. I have a suggestion. Probably some of the users here didn’t know that they can refunded back their votes right? I suggest that once the topic is totally closes like ANA 77W, the votes will refunded back automatically. But if the topic is closed for time being like Concorde, the people that vote for that topic will remain. So that someday, they can use their refunded votes on the certain topic that they want to see on IF someday. I would love to hear you thoughts if it is ok. 😊😊

When a topic is closed, their votes are automatically returned, though it still shows on the list of votes. It doesn’t actually count towards your allowed votes, though.


Adding of what @TheAviationGallery has said, the votes are automatically returned once a topic is closed is simple: vote for some, better, awsome and well detailed feature requests (that are still open). ;)

Hey Paolo

As the others have said, these votes are returned to the community members who have voted for such closed feature. This is an automatic function. If for some reason, it doesn’t return the vote to you, you may want to consider removing your vote for that request manually.