Infinite flight is the best mobile flight simulator ever! Ik… it’s hard for the Developers to work on the game while working remotely from home but I just wanted to give some suggestions to the game…

1. New Planes
This game has a bunch of planes and with a bunch of liveries but why not try adding spy planes (sr-71), old propeller (dc-3) or helicopters… it would be so cool

2. Gear tilt
Having gear tilt in the game would give players more realistic experiences. Also, this would allow to have more smoother landings. (And also satisfying 😂)

3. 3D buildings
Having 3D buildings would be more fun and challenging as it challenges players to takeoff city airports and watch of buildings. Also, please make the landscape more realistic

4. Realistic airports
It would be cool if airports have 3D terminals, actual cars moving, bridges, pushback tractors and fuel trucks…

5. Sounds
When flying inside a fighter over the speed of sound, it would be more realistic if the sound suddenly stopped and create a sonic boom. Also, why not add different engine sounds to different planes?

6. Live cockpits
Adding live cockpits would be more fun for players that wants to manually set everything from scratch, but please also add an auto starts to other things if this idea is implemented.

7. More Weather options
Add more weather options pls! Like clouds and precipitation

8. Weather information
Pls add an option in the cockpit for live weather reports ahead so Pilots can go above, under or around the bad weather…

Ik that the Developers are working extra hard from home as (I think) it is harder to work remotely… so I would be very grateful if you would try to implement the idea 😊😊

Thank you everyone and like this post if you guys agree with this suggestions!!!

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These are all great ideas! I would love to see all of them.

If you use the search bar, you can go and vote for each idea in the #features category.

Happy flying!

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Thanks dude!

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Cool suggestions! Head to #features to vote on these as noted above. Thanks!