Hi I was recently doing a flight and I turned on my autopilot and went away. I made sure everything was fine, but when came back, I had crashed and I had 5 violations due to my aircraft overspeeding. I was wondering what the issue was and what is the process I need to go through to get those 5 violations removed. Not sure if I put it in the right section. (side note fuel was not an issue either had 50% remaining)

Hello, I’m sorry that happened, although it stinks to get 5 violations, they cannot be removed, but, a few things to know, what was your weight and what was your altitude?

I was at 17,000 MSL, but I don’t remember my weight. I know I definitely no where near max weight.

Did you put on AP right after takeoff?

Yep I went like 30 minutes into the flight with AP working just fine then all of a sudden it made a turn and made a spin.

Ok, was your VS and speed at a normal rate?

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Sorry to butt in but what was your aircraft?

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Yep I was cruising I was just crossing the water not a long haul

I was flying the a FinnAir A350

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I don’t know what else to say then sorry…

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Ok. I just climbed from 0-FL390-FL410 (In a Finnair A350 too), and on my climb between those 2,000ft I was at a rate of about 400-500vs. I was losing speed. Fast. Fro, what I’ve learnt in my 1 flight so far is, the A350 can climb out at a high rate with no worry (I climbed to 10,000ft to get out and prepare for sleep, that was 2 hours ago), I seemed to get to about 15,000ft with no issues where I reduced the climb to about 1200vs because of my power increasing and speed decreasing. I think you must’ve stalled, and the turn triggered the AP’s final struggle to keep it in the air. It is a pain and I’ve experienced this multiple times, but it’s new it’s aircraft, and new aircraft can take a lot to learn.

As @Speedyyy said before, what was your VS?

There isn’t much else to do about this, and unfortunately the violations cannot be removed, its just a part of learning a new aircraft 🙁

I was at a cruising altitude

I was climbing

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I wasnt* climbing

were you using NAV? The new interface might cause problems
Otherwise this would actually probably be a glitch.

The only thing is that your speed must have decreased in your climb.

I was using nav

Is there anyway you can share your replay with us?