Hi there,

My name is Rynjil & I’ve had Infinite Flight for over a year now & I’d like to Thank you to the developer for all the hard work & effort you have put in to this flight sim, Is is the best flight simulator that you’ll ever find in the app store & I’d like to make a few suggestions for the game like some new maps, Planes & airlines. I hope you consider at least a few of them, Thanks again for all the hard work!

Maps: Somewhere in Africa, Somewhere in Brazil, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Scandinavia, Dubai, Indonesia, Philippines & China.

Aircraft’s: Airbus A350, Boeing 737 MAX, MD-11 & Learjet.

Airlines: Flydubai - Boeing 737-800 & MAX, Delta & Air Canada Express - Bombardier CRJ-200, Air Canada Rouge - Boeing 767, Atlas Air Cargo - Boeing 747-400, Philippines - Airbus A340, West Air, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China Northern Airlines & Philippines 75 Anniversary - Boeing 777-300ER.

Best Regards
Rynjil Harwood


Thanks for your suggestions! We’re glad you are enjoying your experience.

Global flight is coming very soon which means you’ll be able to fly to all of those suggested regions. However, the super HD satilite imagery will not be available for all those initially.

Just taking a look at your airplane and livery suggestions it is apparent you have put a lot of thought into these features. If you have certain features that you are really passionate about, please use the search button to find and vote on them. If there isn’t an existing suggestion, please feel free to stick around here for a bit until you become a member and are able to post in #features.

Once again, thank you for your contributions. Now please use the search bar and vote for your favorites, keep in mind the more active you are here, the higher trust level you will get and the more amount of votes that will be allotted to you.