Suggestions to improve Infinite Flight

Hello everyone!

I have been an aviation enthusiast for years. Recently, I got into Infinite Flight and was amazed as the quality of the simulator, especially for a mobile app.

I do however think the game could get some improvements, and I decided i’d provide suggestions to any developer who may be reading this.

  1. Emergency simulations: Similar to Flight Simulator X, I think it would be awesome if Infinite Flight implemented a system in which you could pre-set an emergency event to unfold in a set time (example: set the engines to fail 5 minutes into the flight session)

  2. Solo ATC: This would be great for practicing ATC and enhance your skills before heading to Online play. There could be different amounts of traffic which you could chose depending on your skill (example: light traffic, medium traffic, heavy traffic). The “traffic” would be the CPU.

  3. An option to pre-set Destination & AP: This would be helpful for multiple reasons. For example, when you enter a landing session in solo play, I find it overwhelming trying to get my aircraft to the correct settings in order to land, if you would be able to pre-set these settings it would be easier. This is also helpful if you simply want to join a session (solo or multiplayer) and get going right away.

Let me know what you guys think of these ideas and if you have any other ideas.


Good ideas.
Welcome to Infinite flight.

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Wow! Some pretty great ideas! I should’ve thought of 2 and 3 before. :)


Thank you.

Excellent ideas, and welcome aboard to the community!

Solo ATC is a duplicate.
Also the devs have said before it will not come to IF.

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Hey there! Appreciate your suggestion a lot, it’s really nice :) But here on the forum, we need only 1 request per topic. (So that’s it’s easy to search/catalog)

Make sure you read this next time :)

Have fun!

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True, so we can either close this topic or leave it up for #general discussion?

To be honest, number 2 needs to go away because it has already been stated by the devs that it will not be added.

It’s just an idea. That’s fine that it wont be added (not all suggestions will), I just think it would have some good use.

Alright thank you.

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Welcome to IF and the communities!

Have a read through of the forum guidelines and join in the conversations, some great ideas there!

I would like to see AI planes.

I am not sure the Devs will implement it. It would appear in few years but we request already a looooot of features and devs are working very hard to make better updates everytime. In the next update you will get B777-200LR and a reworked B777, and many others things you will like! Global Flight will come this summer or in the end of the year maybe.

As already said, devs will not implement it, devs will probably encourage people to get Live suscription for flying with each pilot on IF servers.

APPR is a good start (available on A320 family and B737BBJ). It will come with the B777 and many others aircrafts will surely support this.

Hope to see you in the IF sky!

Discussions like these should take place in the specific #features request for each individual aspect you mentioned.