Suggestions regarding helpful websites

Hello again, as I’ve said in a previous post, I am settling back into the community after more than half a year and need suggestions.

  1. What is a good website to use to graph flight plans? Navigraph is okay but is a bit too inaccurate with the rogue SID/STARS.
  2. What are some good videos/posts I can refer to for basic knowledge? I can’t remember certain aspects and routines I used to do and I need to know them to get back onto the Expert Server in the next month.

Thank you in advance and I apologize for the potential misuse of the “General” tag. Didn’t want to use support because I thought that was for technical issues.

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Flight Plan Database

Here are a few that I have used for a while and they work pretty well!

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Regarding the help to get back into it:

„Getting started“ playlist by Infinite Flight:

Infinite Flight User Guide covering everything from flying to ATC on different difficulty levels:

Thank you for this. FPL to IF was the website I used to use all the time but I couldn’t remember its name.


Thank you. I was unaware that IF had a youtube playlist. I just skimmed through it and it seems they have some helpful videos regarding the topics I need. Again, thank you.

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here’s a good website which has different stuff like cruise speeds, max weight, range, and also flap speeds!

Hello there! If you’re looking for a good website to graph flight plans, I highly recommend Simbrief. Simbrief is a fantastic flight planning tool that allows you to create accurate flight plans with ease. It also provides you with a lot of useful information such as fuel calculations, wind data, and more.

Regarding basic knowledge, there are a lot of great resources available online that can help you refresh your memory. You can start by checking out some basic flight tutorials on YouTube, such as the ones created by Infinite Flight themselves. Additionally, there are many online communities, such as Reddit’s r/flightsim, where you can ask questions and get helpful responses from experienced users.

Finally, for procedures, I suggest taking a look at some checklists to create your own. Good luck and happy flying.


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