Suggestions on Where to Fly in Australia

I usually have a set plan for my routes for the workweek, as I am limited on time. But this week, I don’t. All these routes fly out of Sydney, using the 717, 737-800 or Q400. I am looking for 30mins to 2hr flight time.

MONDAY: Sydney-Lord Howe Island (Q400)

TUESDAY: Sydney-Hobart (717)

WEDNESDAY: Sydney-Brisbane (737)

THURSDAY: Sydney- Albury (Q400)


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Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Queenstown, Darwin, Alice Springs

Thanks. Maybe derby or Christmas creek mine

Out of Australia

Forget the big cities. Go regional, using the Q400 or smaller and see the great red outback!

@Tim_B -_-

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Australia is a great place. I would start off with the most beautiful city in the world, Melbourne! (It may also be my hometown)

There are so many great places to explore. Even take a GA aircraft out and go hopping around like a kangaroo to smaller airfields. Anyone see what I did there?

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Avalon, Avalon, Avalon, Melbourne

and Avalon (YMAV)


You can find departures from Sydney on Flightradar24:

Approximately 3 and half hours.
One of my favourite routes in Australia.