Suggestions of EasyJet flight?

Hi. I am going to fly an easyJet flight departure ICAO is EGKK, wanna to find some airports (RW length less than 7600ft, high terrain or sea view landing, BUT no LPMA or LOWI and not to fly north) any suggestions?

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Flight Connections is my go-to website for things like these. Although you can’t filter by your given specifications for the route, at least it has the filter by the airline.


Little recommendation for Split and Dubrovnik, both in Croatia. Circle to land on 23 is lovely at Split, and Dubrovnik has a beautiful approach over the city into 11 - you can see the walled city and harbour. IIRC both come out of Luton which can be interesting too as it has a somewhat short runway.

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Gatwick to trivet is cool. The trivet approach is really nice and you get to make a 20 degree turn just before landing.

I would suggest Tivat for a difficult approach! It’s located in Montenegro, so not too far away. EasyJet also flies there irl


Enfidha in Tunisia, Burgas in Bulgaria, and Ljubljana in Slovenia are all cool routes served by easyJet from Gatwick.

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Lol I said that but it came out as trivet!

Here’s a long one - Gatwick to Aqaba, Jordan! A hefty 5:30 hours so make sure to pack enough fuel! Great views of the Middle East on the approach!

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Gatwick - Hurghada or Gatwick - Fuerteventura or Gatwick - Tel Aviv are one of the longest they operate I guess , If you want ^^ , some of these flights are also operated from Berlin if you want :p

Why not going to Funchal or Tenerife as well ? ^^


Longest route is Manchester to Hurghada is around 6hrs to 6hrs 20min. I would recommend SimBrief to make sure you have enough fuel!

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