Suggestions for VA?

is there any va for someone transitioning into grade 3

What kind of VA are you looking for? Cargo or Passenger?

Check out for a list of all of them

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Check the #live:va and decide for yourself! There are 80+ available for you.

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passenger and thanks.

Well UVAL was one of my first VA’s. They really know how to treat at beginning grade 3 pilot. I would recommend them.

thanks bro!

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can you send the link??

what kind of region/area are you looking for the VA to be based?

area based

Yessir I will

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All of these can be found in the #live:va sections. There are currently 75 active VAs! From passenger to cargo, I believe you will find one that you like!

If you need any help, feel free to send me a PM :)

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I recommend AFKLM people there are really nice and welcoming :)

preciate it

thanks bro

Here you go, United Virtual.


Would be a pleasure see you there

preciate all the help

I also heard great things about Southwest Virtual. I hear they are very nice people. And that they treat there pilots like a family.

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i’ll add that to the list

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Guys, I hate to be the party pooper, but the OP has been linked to the IFVARB site and the VA Category. They can find everything they need to know there. This isn’t a free reign VA advertisement thread. Thanks!