Suggestions for plane spotting

I will be flying soon and of course I will be plane spotting and I was wondering if anyone had any tips they could give me I will be using my phone.

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This should be in Real life Category? Or are you talking about Spotting in infinite flight


I am going to be spotting at a real airport and I would like some suggestions on what would make my pictures look good on an iPhone

What airport are you going to?
Picturing planes with a phone is very difficult. Try to be as close as possible to the planes, because phones can’t zoom in

KCHO in Charlottesville Virginia


Couple of little tips for you

I’d recommend using the Exposure Lock feature in the camera so you can control how bright your subject/scene is

If you press and hold the camera shutter button it will do a continuous burst which is handy if trying to capture an aircraft passing overhead - you can pick the best of the bunch after

And if you are trying to take a photo out of the plane window, hold the camera lens as close to the window as possible, preferably on it - this will help reduce reflections and glare in your image


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