Suggestions for next update?

Hello IFC pls devs add this in the game I think a lot more people would play at night at lot more! Here are some suggestions for the next update!
Here are the suggestions

  • Taxiway lights
  • Logo Tail Lights
  • Aircraft Window lights
  • Aircraft cockpit lights
  • Brighter flashing Strobes
  • Airport Bright Flood lights

This is just a suggestion I have a vote down for tail lights and devs i ask pls that u add these into the game especially with taxiway lights! At night a lot more people would play at night! And with interior cabin lights would be awesome!!

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and moving ground equipment ;)


Here’s the feature requests for the first two, I couldn’t find ones for the later ones so unless you can find them, you’d have to make a #features topic for it.

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Already happening, just not a priority

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Oh yes moving ground equipment!

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Thx! Hopefully the devs see this!

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Please check out the existing feature requests for these.