Suggestions for my 100th live flight?

I was just calling it for the night, and reaching for the power button on my iPad when I happened to notice that I had logged 99 live flights…

I figured it might be fun to mark it in some way, and who better to ask than the IFC?

I’ll probably stay in the safety blanket of the Training server (got up to grade 3 about 3 flights ago and don’t feel brave enough to take on the IFATC quite yet 😉), and I’m looking for a route that you’ve enjoyed or can recommend to make my 100th live flight memorable.

The only real requirements being:

  • Ideally around 2 hours. I like to take-off, manage the flight and land in one session - not really a long haul person. And it will likely be fitted into my working day 😉

  • Daylight flying so I can appreciate any scenery. I’m currently working off the coast of Belgium, so base it around that time difference.

GA or commercial are fine by the way, although I’ve more experience on the commercial side so far.

I’m hoping to wake up to some great ideas and routes that I would never have thought of myself - give me your best 👍🏻


Done the flight relatively quick with good scenery

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I would suggest KMSP-KBUF on a Delta CRJ-9. You have a 1 hour and 30 minute flight with lots of scenery including forests and lakes.

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I personally don’t have any routes to recommend to you, but you could probably find some nice ones here: Suggested Routes | 2019

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Ok, I know a route, but you need to go through with it. I actually know a few so here are the best:

  • KATL to KEYW on a Delta 738
  • LAX to Papeete (right near NTBB) on a ATN 787
  • KFLL to OMBD on a Emirates 777
  • KATL to EHAM on a KLM 777/787
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KLM embraer cityhopper Zurich-Amsterdam

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NZAA - NZCH, Air New Zealand A320, amazing views and great scenery in New Zealand

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Paro (VQPR) to New Delhi (VIDP). Excellent views of the Himalayas as well as Mt. Everest. You can do the reverse (VIDP-VQPR) but if you do, make sure you’re experienced – the approach into Paro is tricky :)

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Sounds nice, will look into that one for sure! Thanks

That’s funny, I literally flew that route (well the reverse) the other night on a VA flight 😊


Will defo look into that one, don’t think I’ve flown in NZ at all yet 🤔

I’ve been looking for an Everest featuring route, will check that out - and heed the advice on direction 😊 Thanks

KATL-KEYW would fit the time requirement for sure, thanks!

KATL-EHAM might be a push in 2 hours though 😄😉

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If you consider the NZ South Island for your anniversary flight, and you want to do something special and a bit challenging, I recommend this one: Queenstown to Milford Sound. Truly awesome, especially if you need to find your own way.

Below is how I flew it with @ZuhairM a few days ago.

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Why don’t you check your logbook where you flew first and recreate that flight but with all the skills you acquired since?

Did that a couple weeks ago. San José - Half Moon Bay. Instant throwback to the pre-global days.


Super Decathlon flight, burn the fuel tank down to almost empty from flying.

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I used to have an idea, but I never have time to do it. Now I am sharing it with you.

I call it “the magnet”.

  1. Find a busy airport, e.g. klax. Do a flight, land you aircraft, then park it anywhere you like

  2. Do nothing

  3. Watch if the other users have a higher probability to park next to you.

Let me know.

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Air Austral 788 FMEE-FMMI. Gauranteed the most scenic flight you’ll ever preform under an hour

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Some more excellent suggestions, thanks everyone! I had a busier work day than I anticipated so it didn’t happen today, but I’m hopeful for tomorrow - might even do a couple of them 😊

I’ll stick my callsign on here for anyone that’s around on LiveFlight, and will post some pics afterward so you can see how it went.


I’m with @Marc. Recreate the first one or think back and redo the most memorable flight to date, then see how much you’ve improved in planning, takeoff/landing, etc.

It’s always nice to feel that sense of improvement over time when you get closer and closer to mirroring the real world flight!