Suggestions for more aircrafts towards the non pro membership players

I have a non pro membership and am limited with aircraft, I am mainly speaking to the dev team Is it possible, to add a few new aircraft for the non premium subscribers such as an F35 from the US Air Force or, adding in a few new aircraft that aren’t military maybe possibly helicopters that would be really cool if possible if the Dev team can hear this please maybe consider this , if you have a suggestion for another aircraft please comment And Tell.

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This looks like a #features request for more aircraft for no subscription. Am I correct?

You must be TL2 to do so.

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Only for the new aircraft. I don’t know about the adding aircraft to a non pro subscription.

You can always vote for these aircraft that aren’t in the sim in #features The upcoming XCub will be free but will only have some liveries and the steam gauge cockpit as Pro users get all the liveries for it as well a short the glass cockpit.

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Please check this before posting:

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If free aircraft are added to the many all ready available to Non-pro subscribers, what is the incentive for people to upgrade to a Pro-subscription?

All aircraft and other features take time and money to develop, and the source of income to afford this is from the subscriptions…?

Mate, he just want the planes, not global. I agree with him, as I don’t want global but at least 1 more plane to be added.

You’ll be getting the xcub 😉

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Yes, but removing the Super Decathlon, so there’s no difference. The number of planes stays the same.

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sure, but who pays for it? It all has to be paid for along the way somehow!

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Well that’s true. To be honest, I actually don’t know how IF would be able to implement more planes without losing profit…

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yes at the end of the day IF is business and so they need to get the right balance between a basic user who has enough area to fly in and a range of aircraft as well as wetting the appetite to encoiurage people to get one of the subsriptions in order to unlock the rest of the world and other aircraft.