Suggestions for me

Hi guys!
I’m new to Infinite Flight and i enjoy the sim a lot! It’s Pretty Cool❤️

So, Any suggestion please? Aircrafts? Airports? What to do or not?
Anything that might help please!
Thank you!

Hello! There are 2 topics just for you! Here is one for this week:

I would also look at this thread:

Hope you find this useful!


Welcome Max. I can only say watch the tutorials, learn the rules and more importantly follow them. It is good at some point to join a VA ( Virtual Airline). Flying with other pilots is a great way to learn whst belonging to a group of like minded people. Most of all enjoy. Also if you do need anything you aways have this community. Good luck with it all 👍

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Maybe start a “career mode”, when you start each flight where you finish the last! As @John_Ryan1 said you can join a VA and fly with other like minded pilots. Aside from that, go places you’ve never been and try new things!

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