Suggestions for making VA/VO

Hi everybody. I want to make a VA/VO. But I have no idea to make a VA/VO. Does anyone have any VA/VO suggestions?

Hey there!

You can make a VA/VO by applying to the IFVARB using this link below

Now for choosing what VA/VO you want to make. You have to make sure that there’s not another VA/VO that is already active or has already applied.

VA/VO’s that are active

VA/VO’s that have already applied

You also have to make sure that the VA/VO is not on the banned virtual airline list.


thanks for your information

Make sure your age meets the criteria to participate as CEO or other staff, because apart from safety reasons, you will join the crowd so you have to be prepared with all maturity 😊🙏🏻

I will now try to answer your main question… There are lots of airlines out there ready to be picked. Some of them are highlighted on this post, which I highly suggest taking a look at:

If you want to save some clicks

Do not rush! Take your time and pick a VA / VO that you believe is more suitable for you.

Hope to see your application soon!

Thomas // IFVARB Leader