Suggestions for Infinite Flight Non-pro sub players.

So, my subscription ended like 2 days ago and I wanted to suggest something for people that can’t afford this subscription. Firstly, I personally think infinite flight should add another wide body aircraft like the A330 or the 777 so they can experience how it is to fly these planes too. And also, the 747 and the A380 are the only two wide body aircraft that are available for flying but maybe it’s better if they can get the experience of flying other wide body aircraft. Secondly, they should add more places in which you could fly in. Non infinite flight pro users are probably bored of flying the same routes everyday! So I think it’s better if they add new ones so they could travel new routes and explore new places. Thirdly, (this is kind of a suggestion for Pro users too) they should make EHAM (Amsterdam Shiphol Airport) 3D! It’s a HUGE airport and it’s the busiest in Europe so I think it should become a 3D airport! Well that’s it for my suggestions for non pro players in infinite flight. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for the feedback! I’m sure Infinite Flight will appreciate this. While I cannot guarantee any of these suggestions may come true; however, without voicing these, Infinite Flight will not know what is wanted. So thank you!

As for Amsterdam… Infinite Flight is not currently taking suggestions for airports. While it is recognized that Amsterdam is a popular airport it would be fair to say that we could see this airport come to life in the future. The goal is to have airports all over have 3D building but do understand the development of these airports to take some time.