Suggestions for Getting a Higher Grade?

Does anybody have any suggestions to expedite getting from Grade 1 to Grade 2? All I need are more landings.


Go to KEDW, get in an X-Cub, takeoff on the longest runway, count to 30, land and repeat

bruh i remember doing this for 2 hours lmao

keep landing and taking off on the same runway


Try short flights that you find easy/interesting. Do them over and over again. It will go by fast if you commit to it. For me the easiest one was either KLAX-KSFO or KSFO-KLAX. Both are good for spotting other pilots also ;). It takes about 45 min each way. Any plane will work.


or klax-ksan

Farm landings. You can do patternwork, or (what I did) is I went to EGLL and did touch and goes on both runways alternating, that’ll get you 25 in not even half an hour.


Get the A318, casual server, EGLL, take off one. Runway the. Land on the parallel runway. It takes a bit of practice but if you do it for only about 30 minutes you get a few thousand xp


I just did touch and goes for 10 minutes and I meet the requirements

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