Suggestions for buying/selling a Viper SD4

Hello, I am hoping someone can provide insight/recommendation on the best sales platforms for individuals looking to buy or sell GA aircraft (either in person or online). The VP of the brokerage firm I work for owns a Viper SD4 single engine airplane and yesterday he asked me for advice on the best place to list/market his plane for sale. He’s in his late 80’s (and I imagine he’s not fully aware of the latest trends in online marketing, etc. for these sorts of things) so I offered to go on a fact finding mission. I have no experience in this department, aside from being a huge aviation enthusiast with great IF skills :-) (kidding), I don’t own a plane nor have I ever been in the market for one. So, any advice or input on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

**TO CLARIFY, I’m not intending to sell the plane here. Simply asking for recommendations and/or reviews on good sites where he can list it. I’ve found, Aircraft Shopper, and from a simple Google search but if anyone has RW experience I appreciate the insight.

Thanks in advance for your help!



I don’t think you should ask something like this on a flight sim community…

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@Brandon_Sandstrom @N1DG @N1RG are the PPL holders i can remember. They might know?..

This is maybe a post for the lounge when you reach TL3. Other than that, try eBay, the IFC really isn’t the place for selling planes… Most 15 year olds can barely afford live!


Thanks! To clarify, I’m not trying to sell the plane here. I’m asking if anyone can recommend or has experience with a website like eBay, Aero Trader, Aircraft Shipper Online, etc.

I guess that’s @LouDons point. Alot of people can barely afford live cus they are so young, so they wouldn’t have experience with any those programs

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I can probably help you out. I would recommend posting it on Controller or even Aerotrader as you mentioned.

Those are two of the most well known aircraft advertising companies globally.

Trade-A-Plane is also a good option.

Some people use EBay to sell aircraft but personally I wouldn’t recommend it.

Yeah I am. What’s up

Excellent! Thanks for your input. I’ll go with those three options then.

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