Suggestions for 22.4

Hello there and here are my suggestions for 22.4

3D Airports -

Oslo - ENGM
Miami - KMIA
Shanghai - ZSPD
Narita - RJAA
Osaka - RJBB
Gimpo - RKSS
Stavanger - ENZV

and much more

Liveries -

Any of these and I am happy

Air Algerie B738
Aegean A320 New Livery
SAS B737 - New Livery
Japan Airlines B77W
Air China B77W
China Eastern B77W
Air Canada B789 - New Livery
American B788
United B788
Flyr B738
ITA A320
ITA A359
KLM E175
KLM E190
Alaska E175
LOT E190
ITA A319
Revised Qantas B789
Revised British Airways A388
China Southern A388
Revised Qatar A388

Other Stuff :

Maybe more languages in the game like Thai or Korean
Moving delivery trucks
AI Traffic in solo mode
and so much more

Now the most important part, Thank you to the IF Team for working so hard to make us happy, we appreciate you!

We already talking ab 22.4? I’d take in this update for the next few days and explore the many airports the editors made.


At the moment, Airport Editors are not taking requests for specific airports. I’d also recommend making individual feature requests for the other suggestions. Also, animated GSE has already been confirmed as being a work in progress.


Usually you’re better off requesting features individually in well-made feature request topics, not just dumping a huge list of random features. Maybe take one, and explain why it should be added over others. Why should we have AI ATC for example?

P.S. They don’t take 3D airport requests :)


Thank you I didn’t know that

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Thank you, I will possibly do that in the next few days


If this is something you are able to translate, or know of a friend in the community, your contribution can make this happen! Check out this page for how you can help bring a new language into Infinite Flight :)


Please make sure you read this topic carefully before proceeding.