Hi everyone, I want to create my own airline company, but I don’t know what i well used to do this.
Can you suggest to me please

Are you talking about a Virtual Airline?

Yes, i want to do one for me

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I want to create my own company

But I don’t know how to do.

Well, if you want to start a VA/VO I would start with the IFVARB: There is a page which I will link below that you can see some of the things you should do to start a VA! They also include an FAQ and stuff.

Here is a link where you can ask questions about VA’s and VO’s (starting one, website to help build one, etc.)

Hope this helps!

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If you wanna start your own airline company I suggest downloading Airline Manager


Howdy love your interest in IFC! First get yourself to TL2 and all the other requirements to start.Why have I not reach trust level (X)?. And then check this out to see how to start! The IFVARB Information Thread - 2020 your best friend is #live:va check the pin items at the top!

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My problem is design my own company on a plane.

As long as it follows requirements and guidelines, and once you yourself reach specified requirements, it can be anything you’d like!

If you mean have a custom livery on a plane, IF does not allow that except for the Infinite Flight livery. If you mean something else though let me know!

Yes It is this a custom livery on a plane

IF doesn’t add custom liverys based on Virtual Organizations

Unfortunately, IF does not allow custom liveries, as the app is tailored to RWA (real-world aviation). If you are able to create a VA around a current airline with liveries in IF, great! If not, many aircraft have generic liveries for those airlines that do not have liveries in IF

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As @Raze said, IF does not allow custom liveries. Although you could use the Generic livery most aircraft have the Infinite Flight livery that you could use!


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