Sorry if this has already been said by someone but:
I would like the devs to change the flight system a tiny bit. It should only count as a flight if you leave the ground. I can’t count how many times I’ve spawned in in either the wrong plane or livery or maybe even gate or airport. And also it would help so much with plane spotters. Point is, it should only count as a flight once you leave the ground. Hope that makes sense.


I mean it is a flight. Your in the state of flying which is a flight whether you’re 10 feet off the ground or 36000ft in the air. I don’t see this changing I’m afraid.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think he means how when you spawn it counts as a flight. I too have sometimes had to switch gates or end a flight before departing.


Yes I mean exactly that.

Yes, personally I wouldn’t find that bad either. I’ve also spawned incorrectly so many times.

It would be best if you created a feature request for it. You can do this in the category #feature. I also looked, but haven’t found a Topic in that direction yet… But to be able to do this you have to become TL2 Just stay active and you’ll be there soon.

To start please take a look a these topics :) This will help you!

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I agree. No big deal, but makes bad stats : landing/flight…

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This is exactly why I have 2500+ online flights and 882 landings


Same but I had 2188 Online flights and 1605 Landings since I pretty much spawned incorrectly in some Times

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