Hey IFC, i would like a suggestion on a flight. Which airport between KMIA (Miami) and KCLT (Charlotte) is most likely to have a live ATC service tomorrow?

Wednesday: Charlotte (KCLT), Miami (KMIA), Jacksonville (KJAX), Sarasota (KSRQ), Pensacola (KPNS), Birmingham (KBHM), Nashville (KBNA)
Featured Airline: American Airlines

Those are all the airports that will most likely be open.


They both have a decent chance of having ATC. I would normally say Miami due to the fact that it’s a large, international airport with many European destinations. However, with the COVID-19 issues and the fact that there are now a lot more people on Infinite Flight, you should get a good chance of ATC with Charlotte as well.

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yeah i know, but i’d like to know the one with the highest chance of getting an ATC service

I’d assume charlotte but it’s a gamble

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What time do my you plan to depart? You can always look at which one is going to have the most arrivals, there will most likely be ATC where there’s most traffic.

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i’m planning to depart tonight from EGLL

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And you do not want to arrive at Miami?

No, i’d like to do a flight from EGLL to KCLT or KMIA but i don’t know which one should i choose.

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Oh gotcha, I see what you’re asking now. Like @JakeWB said, it’s sort of a gamble, but I would recommend looking at which one is showing more arrivals. Remember there are lots of people on the IFATC, so I have no doubt both will be open!

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Okay, thanks!

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Well, what time do you plan to depart tonight? I’m planning a group-flight and we are trying to form a conga line…

KMIA will probably have more traffic. Even if KCLT has more traffic, I think KMIA will still have IFATC coverage.


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