[Suggestion] Updated SIDs and STARS together with Delivery controller role

I have realized this long long time ago that there are just some waypoints which aren’t there such as MASBO (which is a handoff point from Singapore ATC to Malaysian ATC) though there is GUPTA. However, if MASBO doesn’t exist then I’m sure DEL cannot clear the pilot for a SID that goes like MASBO2B departure since the waypoint itself is well, not there.

There is already a discussion here

Make sure you post unique features in #features

At least look into the DEL part of my thread?

That has already been requested also.

Add onto his topic and the one linked above:)

My bad for not digging deeper

Whilst SIDs and STARS are still feature suggestions, new waypoints are something we can add right away. Send me a PM with any that are missing (along with latitude/longitude or a link to where we can find this) and we can get them added :)

Say, is there a thread for all these? I don’t want to be flamed again.

Or you can search for it using the search feature of this forum. It’s the magnifying glass at the top of the page:)

Lol ok… I will search xD

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I don’t think there is actually - create one in #developer and make it a wiki, that way others can add more stuff :)

Yes sir! Love to see more waypoints :P

Great! The airport editing team is open to adding more!