Suggestion to pin up a post which cannot be unpinned

Title is vague but content wise,

I’ve seen @Carson repeating his point to several different new users… Yes, excited as they can be, they didn’t search for existing topics before starting one of their own… So I have thought about this, why not the forum dev(s) make a post specially for new users and make sure it cannot be unpinned (yes, even for existing users but it is objectionable) even if the personal preference of users is “Unpin pinned posts when I read them” (or something like that in the settings)

And in that pinned post, it’ll be something like a welcome speech to new users but it will be closed to further replies (since in this case it shall not be unpinned)

This may sound impossible due to a probable conflict with how discourse works but I am trying to help by suggesting this :)

This has been done in the past many times. Global pin doesn’t allow you to unpin the topic.

Erm hold on… I remember there’s such an option somewhere in the personal preferences settings… @Carson, do you remember anything about it?

EDIT: Found it

[ ] Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.

It’s found at the bottom of the personal preferences page and with this enabled, I’ve ended up “unpinning” a pinned post in my clientside POV (Yes, this doesn’t affect the serverside POV of course)

What I’m saying is perhaps if possible, the forum dev(s) could work with Discourse to do a special pinned post function for important posts like these…

Globally pinned topics can be personally unpinned.

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Yes! This was what I was trying to say… Lost my words a second ago…

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I stand corrected…

For me at least, I’m pretty sure it the same for the average Joe.

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I just unpinned ‘A New Dawn, Continued’ and it worked

Perhaps you got it wrong?

I mean to say because the option is ticked (as sometimes we don’t wish to see pinned topics about events we’re not really interested - no offence intended, really) and then when I read till the end (or perhaps scroll till the end) of the pinned post, it’ll be unpinned from what I see… (the pin will face downwards rather than the original upwards)

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m referring to.

I thought you might have gotten confused since you’re a mod and what you see on the forum would be a little different from us…

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There’s no Forum Developers really. They make it function yes.

Unless discourse have a perticular plugin etc, there’s no way of this happening.

Unless the staff have gone into plugin building ;)

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