Suggestion to improve the ATC Controls

I have tried being an ATC a couple of times at the playground server and below are my suggestions to improve the ATC experience:

  1. When clicking on the callsign of the plane on the top right list, it should also highlight the plane on the map as I have trouble finding the plane on the map and it will take me a few seconds to search for the plane on the map

  2. After giving instructions to the pilots, they will acknowledge the message. Can the acknowedged message that blinks on the airplane list be of other colour like Green to show that the pilot has acknowledge your msg and is not requesting for instructions which is in Yellow? This will ensure that I can prioritize which are the important message I should read first.

  3. I would like to suggest to have the option to select what is shown on the map for the plane label as it keeps switching between the callsign and the plane model as i need time to refer to the list of planes on the right on what was the last instruction given to the pilot.

  4. By selecting the plane on the map, i wish that the list on the right can also be highlighted so that I can be aware of the last instruction given to the pilot.

  5. I am thinking a distance ruler somewhere on the map will be useful so I can guage how many nautical miles the plane is away from the airport and I could decide whether I should clear a plane for immediate takeoff if the airport is getting long queues for taking off.

  6. Is it possible to have the Compass headings right on the plane icon when I click on the plane? This will allow me to give headings much easier and more accurately.

  7. Lastly, I would like to see the ATC online time when I click on the airport on the map so that I will know if any of the ATCs just connected to the airport and how long I have been controlling the planes.

All these suggestions are to try and reduce every second to ensure the ATC can run efficiently.

  1. Turn on aircraft names in settings, zoom in to get the distance.
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I really like these suggestions

I also agree, some good suggestions.

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Great suggestions.

I also want to suggest :smile:
is it possible that heading selection menu can be a loop type? It means we can scroll up and scroll down to the same heading we need. With this, we don’t need to scroll all the way down to heading 350. It took a lot of time.

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You guys should try to long press on airplane on the map and drag the finger… It will change your life ;) (Approach/Departure/Center only)


OMG! My life is really changed!!
Thank you, Matt!


Thanks Matt, learnt something new today :smile:

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Fantastic ideas. Thanks!