Suggestion : short video explaining the process how to make a new plane (process / software)

Hello to all developers, I hope you’re well.

I created this topic because I had a suggestion for you.
As a graphic designer in alternation, I have a lot of questions about how you design a new plane.

How is the team organized? Who’s in charge of what? What software do you use? How do you release the new plane for the next update?

I thought it would be nice if you made a short video (as you usually do) to introduce your team and explain the process to create a new plane.
It could be a good idea because we are all interested in what you do and it could also show people how you work.
Show the software, the platforms and publish the video once the new plane is finished and sent for update.
(which could also explain to young people why modeling a new airplane is not so easy and fast).

(I tried my best in english)

I hope you like the idea or not. It’s your choice. Feel free to give me feedback if you need it. I’m open-minded.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!



Yes that would be great or a video that explains each work of each member of the Staff :D


That would be cool! Kind of like the “Feature Discovery” serious that Microsoft runs with MSFS.

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This would be amazing. There are so many people out there that say “just add it” and have no idea how the process of it works.

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Exactly !

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