Suggestion! please read!

I have a suggestion, local multiplayer, I think local multiplayer would be a great addition to infinite flight, for example-

  1. Users who do not have the availability of IF pro can connect and play together,

  2. Users can fly in private games and do activities like formations, etc.

  3. Users can play with certain people only with a password, or PIN system to connect

  4. Local multiplayer can be good for 101 flight training, so users don’t have to worry about what others think

If a staff or development member comes across this upload, and looks into it. I would like to request that if this feature is added, it is available to anyone, as my point in this suggestion is a local multiplayer for users on the same WiFi connection to use without the $80 a year, thank you for reading. Feel free to comment, or do what you want with this suggestion.

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Also known as “Live”?

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This should be in the #features category.


What I meant was users who don’t have IF pro can play together, as long as they are on the same WiFi

Like a LAN where two people can fly together on a ‘solo’ server?

Yes, kind of like what you can do in games like Minecraft, etc.

Sounds like a decent idea but you need to be TL2 to post in features.

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Will this post be kept up?

Probably not, I think it will be closed by a moderator, because as @Jack said, you must be TL2 to post a feature request. Although it is posted as #general, it should be #features.

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Probably not. Once you gain TL2 you will be able to post in the features category. I also suggest you search these features using the search function and vote for them there :)

How do I reach tl2? And how do I check my progress

Just keep posting, reading, and liking! Once you become TL2, you will earn a badge called Member, and when you go into your profile, your Trust level will say member (TL2)

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Also, if any of you like this idea, and you are in TL2 of higher, feel free to repost, as I hope local multiplayer will become a reality

You are currently a New user or TL0. I’m am a member meaning I am TL2. Please read the posts I linked to you above. To view your trust level go to your profile and see where it says member. It will show your trust level where it says “member” on my page :)

Umm… hey jack, you may want to cross out your email better, people can still clearly read it

It’s perfectly fine :) No one will know the last letters.

Also, when can we expect 3D scenery, live cockpits or maybe even passenger audio

(Kind of like in the X-Plane series)

FDS will announce there current developments. I’m am not a dev so I have no idea. If you want these features, go vote for them.